Episode 28- The Ways of a Waterfowl Hunter with Dan Vigil

October 22nd, 2018

On this week's episode we sit down with local waterfowler Dan Vigil. If you follow Field to Table at all you know we are crazy about duck hunting. Dan gives us some insight on how to be more successful on our next hunt, including tips about calling, decoy spreads, concealment, and much more. We also talk about some of our favorite ways to cook ducks and geese, some of the differences in flavors between species, and Dan's special way of making jerky. Thanks a bunch to Dan for coming up to talk to us, and to the folks at Odell Brewing Company for hosting us while we record! Be sure to follow @fieldtotableoutdoors on Instagram and Field To Table Outdoors on Facebook for more content! Don't forget to subscribe to this channel if you like the podcast!

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